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On the Swedish DJ scene since 1984. Done the DMC races with oldschool cuts and crabs, Change music direction in 1988 when Detroit House music hit us all. Since that day, He´s been standing on the barricades shouting, for the luv of House Music! Have records, Will travel. Disturbing the peace since 1984!

House Music Extravaganza

By Lasse Mix / juni 22, 2020

Ett urval av house favoriter juni 2020. Enjoy!         […]

Nytt på MixCloud – Party Mix

By Lasse Mix / juni 12, 2020

Lasse Mix – This week we go Party. By now classic tracks […]

Lasse Mix goes Techno!

By Lasse Mix / maj 11, 2020

Hej! Kvällens stream går under temat TECHNO. Pump up your speakers and […]

Lasse Mix goes Party!

By / maj 4, 2020

Hej! Kvällens stream är en party mix från “yours truly” Följ mig […]

Streamat på Mixcloud

By Lasse Mix / maj 1, 2020  

Lasse Mix goes SWEMIX

By Lasse Mix / april 28, 2020

Mina idoler i DJ kollektivet SweMix hyllas med denna kvälls stream. Denna […]

Ny stream!

By Lasse Mix / april 18, 2020  

LiveStream Kamouflage

By Lasse Mix / april 11, 2020

Påskis Rave LiVe StReAm

By Lasse Mix / april 3, 2020

Lördag 11 april start kl: 21.00 PGA Covid-19 pandemin kör Kamouflage samt […]

Friday night “canceled” due to Covid-19

By Lasse Mix / mars 20, 2020

29/2 2020. Hela Huset Gungar!

By Lasse Mix / februari 23, 2020

ICE Nightclub Mora

By Lasse Mix / februari 23, 2020

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