On the Swedish DJ scene since 1984. Done the DMC races with oldschool cuts and crabs, Change music direction in 1988 when Detroit House music hit us all. Since that day, He´s been standing on the barricades shouting, for the luv of House Music! Have records, Will travel. Disturbing the peace since 1984!

Its Time!

By Lasse Mix / februari 3, 2017

Tusen tack för ikväll! Ni är underbara. Stort tack till Lasse Mix […]

Luv it!

By Lasse Mix / januari 22, 2017

Found my beloved mixer to day. Still resting in her case 💕💕 […]


By Lasse Mix / januari 20, 2017

50 year anniversary. Closed party. Time to get Mixified 🎉    

The Booth.

By Lasse Mix / januari 16, 2017

Working on a new DJ booth

Kamouflage BLGE

By Lasse Mix / januari 15, 2017

We are happy to announce our warmup dj for the 3 feb […]

Bad Ass project for vinyl junkies.

By Lasse Mix / december 20, 2016


Liljan Borlänge

By Lasse Mix / december 2, 2016

Torsdag Fredag Lördag – nu avslutar vi helgen med ett hejdundrandes party […]

Clas Ohlson “the julfesten”

By Lasse Mix / december 2, 2016

Clas Ohlson har en av de absolut bästa julfesterna. Påkostad, välarrangerad av […]

Transportstyrelsen “Pre gig pic”

By Lasse Mix / december 2, 2016

Nu är det dags igen. Har fått förtroende att även i år […]

Kamouflage The Documentary

By Lasse Mix / oktober 17, 2016


I kväll smäller det!

By Lasse Mix / oktober 8, 2016

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By Lasse Mix / april 3, 2016