On the Swedish DJ scene since 1984. Done the DMC races with oldschool cuts and crabs, Change music direction in 1988 when Detroit House music hit us all. Since that day, He´s been standing on the barricades shouting, for the luv of House Music! Have records, Will travel. Disturbing the peace since 1984!

Bowl Building @ KFUM Borlänge

By Lasse Mix / januari 23, 2009

Under construction.

Split interior updates

By Lasse Mix / januari 4, 2009

A new speaker box in the rear of our split. Done some […]

New member of the family.

By Lasse Mix / november 8, 2008

First look. Interior. More interior. On our way home….MiNe…Whooohaaaaa…    

Mantorp 2008

By Lasse Mix / augusti 2, 2008

When the camp was set up we throw a little party. We […]

A Visit at Peace Performance.

By Lasse Mix / oktober 16, 2007

Hans shows me some secrets. Parts…………………mi likes. Cool projects waiting for the […]

The Drop

By Lasse Mix / oktober 10, 2007

As in the 70s the hardest part was to drop into that […]

Visit to Wolfparts i Gävle.

By Lasse Mix / oktober 7, 2007

Start of our road movie, in pictures. Me and Lars Häse took […]

Avesta Skatepark is coming together

By Lasse Mix / september 28, 2007

The Update

By Lasse Mix / september 20, 2007

As you all can see below it was time for an update. A […]

The Story!

By Lasse Mix / september 16, 2007

For some time i have used my longboard for cruising at the […]

Bussfest 2007 – Öland

By Lasse Mix / juli 29, 2007

A nice pic of busses and Ölands Fästning. Buspush – that was a […]

Bugrun 2007

By Lasse Mix / juni 10, 2007

Nice view from the Split Bus. And in to Da camp, comes […]

Jiiihhoo! My Saturday House Session #5 is 44:th on Mixcloud House Chart! Check it out 🍒💕 https://www.mixcloud.com/lassemix/saturday-house-session-5 ...

I know the feeling ❤️ ...

Äntligen fick jag mitt randiga garage 💕 ...

Bra start på dagen 💕 ...

https://www.mixcloud.com/lassemix/fina-fisken-trosa-sweden/ ...

Smygehuk! Med Väg9, Sveriges svar på PCH 👍🤴🏼🇸🇪 ...

Några av mina favoriter 💕🍒 ...

Roadtrippin 🇸🇪 ...

A wonderful day on the snow 🙋🏽💫 #lovesnow #fundaywithfriends #herewego ...

A walk for snow. 💕 #skiseasoniscoming #roadtrip #fjällen ...

Camp is set @ Rörbäcksnäs #mtblife #camperlife ...