Författare: Lasse Mix


Mantorp 2008

When the camp was set up we throw a little party. We went a little crazy.So did Diana but shes from Canada so thats OK 😉 Tomas and Emma. Long time but nice to see you folks. Jonnys bus. The Winner at BR 2008. So Schweet. Our camping site. Jonas […]


A Visit at Peace Performance.

Hans shows me some secrets. Parts…………………mi likes. Cool projects waiting for the summer. Ass kikkin hood right…….. Goodies. This is my engine, 2332cc buildt as a revenge to all the stock engines i had.


The Drop

As in the 70s the hardest part was to drop into that Ramp that we skillfully built ourselves. So before fall hit us all the goal was to… do the drop.  As you can see, loaded with pads. But as we parents now it "Safety first"


Visit to Wolfparts i Gävle.

Start of our road movie, in pictures. Me and Lars Häse took a trip to Woffe land to see what woffe at Wolfparts was up to. The look of a nice kept garden. Lars and Woffe talking Split business. It will be finished in a few weeks (not) The crazy […]